Car Accidents and Lawyers to Reduce Stress

Car Accidents and Lawyers to Reduce Stress

How Hiring a Wrong Death Lawyer Can Help

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If you have a loved one that lost his or her life due to the negligence of someone else or a company, you may want to consider taking legal action with the help of a wrongful death lawyer. To understand why this may be so beneficial to you and your family, you will want to continue reading. Helps Fight for Financial Assistance When someone tragically passes away before their time, you may end up with a lot of financial hardships. There might not have even been a life insurance policy in place. There will be funeral bills to pay, possibly children to support on your own, and debts that were left behind. It is important to make sure that you are exercising your legal right to ask for the party that was responsible for the death to help cover those expenses. Your wrongful death lawyer can help make that happen. He or she will build your case and then contact the lawyer that represents the person or company that was at fault. If a settlement cannot be reached that way, your wrongful death lawyer can then file a lawsuit within your local area. Helps to Make Sure the Death Was Not in Vain While no one can reverse time and take back what happened, you might feel the urge to help make sure that this situation does not happen again to someone else. By taking legal action with the help of a wrongful death lawyer, companies may make changes to their products or policies. If it was an individual that was responsible for the death of your loved one, they may be less likely to act so negligently in the future, which will hopefully ensure that they do not put the lives of anymore innocent people at risk. Helps Take Some Stress off Your Shoulders Instead of trying to handle the legal matters on your own, allowing a professional to handle it for you will take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. Not only will your lawyer handle all of the legalities for you, but you can also always turn to him or her with the questions or concerns that you have. Knowing that you have a legal professional on your side can really make a difference for your entire case. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit for wrongful death, discover more here about how an attorney can...

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How To Get Custody Of Your Children As A Recently Divorced Father

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Divorce is rarely a cut-and-dry process. More often than not, it involves a series of messy battles between former spouses over everything from the car to the house to alimony. But in almost every case, both parents see custody of their children as being of the utmost importance. And unless your divorce is an extreme exception, you face an uphill battle for custody as a father. That said, there are plenty of things you can do to work toward getting part- or even full-time custody of your kids. Keep reading below to discover just a few of them. Value Your Visitation Time Some amount of visitation time is usually granted to the father after a divorce, and the best thing you can do if you’re a dad is to show the judge how much you value this time with your children. Even if visitation hours are during weekdays, do whatever it takes to get the allotted time off from work, and plan activities for your kids beyond just watching television or playing video games. All of this will count as valuable evidence in your case for custody. Get Affidavits  Another thing you will want to do as soon as possible in a divorce is begin collecting affidavits. These are legal documents that — in the case of a custody battle — will contain testimony from family, friends, or others in your life who know you and view you in a positive light. The more affidavits you can present in court, the more confidence a judge will have that your custody is justified. This is especially important if your soon to be ex-wife is slandering your name in court and you need to counter it with concrete proof. Leverage Your Income If there’s a significant disparity between the earning power of you and your former spouse, never hesitate to leverage it to your advantage in court. Even though courts will often side with a mother when it comes to custody, the tide can quickly turn if it is shown that the mother doesn’t possess the ability to provide for her children in a way the court deems sufficient. If your earning power allows you to give the children a comfortable home with access to a quality education (and the same can’t be said for the children’s mother) then you have a more than decent chance of getting full-time custody. For more info, contact a firm such as Kalasnik Law...

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Why Bail Bonds Services Are Frequently Offered By Private Investigators

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Bail bonds services are invested in helping you gain a bail bond for someone you know personally. However, these services are frequently offered by a private investigator in conjunction with P.I. services. If you spot a bail bondsperson with these credentials, you may wonder why this is. The following reasons will enlighten you. Bail Bondspeople May Choose to Pursue “Jumpers” Most people who get out on bail appear for court, but there are always the rare few that decide to “jump bail.” Someone who “jumps bail” gets out of jail on a bond, and then decides to leave town without permission or a forwarding address. As a courtesy to the person that posted the bail money for the bond, the bondsperson may try to pursue the “jumper” and bring him or her back for court. This may involve some investigative tracking skills, so it helps to also be a licensed P.I. “Jumpers” May Be Violent During Apprehension It goes without saying that if someone jumps bail and does not want to be caught, he or she may become violent during apprehension. A bondsperson who is also a private investigator is allowed to carry weapons, including a gun, billy club, taser, etc., for protection as well as for rendering the “jumper” immobile. The bondsperson or P.I. will (and should) have police back-up of course, but he or she cannot do much of anything to apprehend the “jumper” unless he or she is a licensed private investigator. Private Investigators Can Act as Expert Witnesses in Court In the event that the “jumper” does something violent, and it becomes relevant to the list of charges the “jumper” faces, the private investigator or bail bondsperson can act as an expert witness in court. This is an unusual situation, but one which may benefit the prosecution since the testimony would go towards proving the prosecutor’s point. However, it can also attest to the trauma that victims have faced via the hands of the “jumper,” including paying for a jail bond and losing their home, car, or livelihood. Bail Bondspeople May Also Be Bounty Hunters Being a bondsperson goes hand in hand with being a P.I., as well as with being a bounty hunter. The P.I. skills track down the “jumper” and can rend the suspect immobile, while the bounty hunter or bail bondsperson brings the “jumper” back for court and collects a bounty while simultaneously returning an overdue bond payment. If you hire any of the above, you are more likely to get results and get your bail money or property returned than you would if you just took out just a jail bond and wanted your money or stuff...

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The Ins and Outs of the Immigration Process

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When you want to become a United States citizen, there is an entire immigration process that you should be aware of. This is a potentially long, multifaceted approach, which will allow you to pick up your roots and move to one of the 50 states or territories. Along the way, you will need to do things such as understand the benefit of hiring a lawyer, get the best representation and prepare yourself for your move. To this end, read these points below so that you can do everything necessary to make citizenship a reality.  Understand The Immigration Process And The Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer The immigration process will be different for each person, as each person has different reasons and variables that come with their application. When you would like to become a United States citizen, you’ll need to research the process and be made aware of costs and timetables. Additionally, you will want to hire the help of an immigration lawyer who can take on your case. These lawyers are typically bilingual and will smooth the process by handling the burdens of it so you do not have to. Even with a lawyer, be prepared for the process to be lengthy, as citizenship, visas and green cards are always subject to delays. Take The Time To Hire The Best Lawyer Now that you know how critical it is to hire an immigration lawyer, take the time to make the best hire. The best way to touch base with an immigration lawyer is to see who other people have entrusted with their cases. Immigration is a very personal form of legal aid, so you need to also gauge the personality of your attorney and their ability to communicate with you. Ask them about their payment plans as well and weigh the costs. These lawyers might charge you anywhere between $100 per hour and $300 per hour. Carefully Consider Your New Place of Residence  The more details about your living arrangements you’re able to line up ahead of time, the better. Consider your areas of expertise to figure out which state is best for that industry. You must also consider things like cost of living so that you can get used to your new surroundings at your own pace. Further, consider any potential family or friend ties to ease this transition. Follow these points so that you can smooth out your immigration process and get the professional help that you...

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3 Facts You Need To Know About Filing A Petition For Bankruptcy When You Are Financially Strapped

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If you are so far in debt that you do not see a way to ever pay it off, bankruptcy could easily be the best option. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misunderstandings and fallacies associated with getting a fresh start through bankruptcy. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following facts about bankruptcy petitions so that you will have a clear understanding of what to expect in the future.  #1-If Your Income Is Low Enough, You May Not Be Responsible For The Filing Fees At All In some instances, the court can waive the fees for filing your bankruptcy petition. Specifically, if the total household income does not exceed 150% of the federal poverty level, the courts can frequently waive all of the fees that would normally apply. Given that the fees for filing the petition for consumer bankruptcy are about $300, being able to receive the benefits associated with declaring bankruptcy without spending the extra cost of filing is likely to be well-received. . #-2-It Is Often Possible To Split The Filing Fees Into Four Payments It is a sad fact that many of the people who have the most need to obtain relief from debt will often delay starting the process because they cannot afford it. That means that essentially, some people are too poor to afford bankruptcy. In that instance, it is important to note that the filing fees do not typically need to be paid in full at the time of filing.  Instead, you are likely to find that you will be permitted to split the payments into four smaller payments. However, many courts may not offer you that option when you file, and it is not always common to know that you have that option. Therefore, be sure to ask about setting up a payment plan when you need to file your petition for bankruptcy.     #3-As Soon As You File, You Get The Protection Of Bankruptcy One common misconception about bankruptcy has often been that you must meet with the courts or be at a certain point in the bankruptcy process before you can reap the benefits of this important financial decision. The truth is that as soon as you file the petition, your creditors can longer call you, and repossessing your vehicles is no longer immediately possible, although the terms of your bankruptcy petition may not allow you to keep all of your vehicles. In conclusion, filing a petition for bankruptcy is the first step towards getting a fresh start and freedom from the debt that is likely to be an overwhelming part of your life. As a result, you need to be aware of the information provided...

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Why You Shouldn’ Underestimate Infant-Related Expenses When Negotiating Child Support

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Many first time mothers are surprised at the high cost of raising a baby. This is why you need to be careful when negotiating child support if you are divorcing shortly after giving birth. Here are three expenses that surprise many first-time mothers: Hike in Utility Bills A newborn baby will usually be accompanied by a hike in utility bills such as water and energy bills. For example, you may find that you need to raise the thermostat level a little bit or use the dehumidifier more frequently to keep the baby comfortable, and that leads to increased energy consumption by heating and air conditioning unit. Other changes that may lead to increased energy consumption include frequent use of the dryer and more frequent washing loads. The same factors that increase energy usage may also increase water usage. For example, you would be surprised how often you need to wash a baby’s clothes, which consumes both water and energy. Nursing Supplies You know you will need nursing supplies, but you will be surprised how much you can spend on them in the long run. Expect to see a sharp hike in nursing supply costs when you decide to get back to work and have to provide milk for your baby at the same time. You need nursing pads to wipe off leaking breast milk, nursing bras to hold your breasts comfortably even when filled with milk, and a pump and storage bag to pump and store the milk since you won’t be with the baby all the time. These are just three examples; Parenting magazine has a list of 15 products that make breastfeeding easy, and the list is by no means exhaustive. Moreover, you may need to replace some of these things even more than once before the baby stops nursing. Baby Outfits Many people underestimate how many clothes a baby needs. You probably know you will need lots of baby outfits, but you probably don’t know how many of them you will need. You would be surprised how often the baby needs to be changed, and how fast they outgrow their clothes. One week you are exclaiming how cute they look in their pink onesie and the next week they can’t fit in the attire. According to some estimates, expect to spend an average of $720 on clothes just for the first year, and this is without factoring in the cost of diapers. Even if you are feeling hurt and betrayed by your partner, don’t treat the child support negotiations lightly. For the sake of your child, engage a child custody lawyer and follow their advice so that you don’t have to go back to court soon after divorce to modify your child support...

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Want A Practice Run At A Personal Injury Trial? Try A Deposition

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The personal injury process can be a long slog, but there is a legal procedure stuck in the middle of things that can present you with enormous possibilities. After the personal injury suit has been filed comes the “discovery” phase of the process. This important part of the trial process is aimed at allowing both sides (plaintiffs and defendants) an opportunity to share evidence and information about the case. This is part of what makes the trial process in the United States so unique, and it helps put the players on both sides on a more even playing field. To learn more about the discovery process, and in particular about the deposition, read on. What is so valuable about the deposition? The benefits of a deposition are two-fold, including the ability for both sides to practice for the trial and the potential for a prize for the plaintiff (you!). The Practice Run Depositions are very similar to an actual trial; they are in general less formal, but in no way less important. The main objective for this legal meeting is for each side to interview you, witnesses, and other pertinent parties such as medical responders. This gives you an opportunity to get more at ease with being questioned and allows your personal injury attorney a chance to see how you might do later on the witness stand. For example, if you are nervous or fidgety, your legal team can assist you in being more at ease on the stand. Since depositions are recorded, it presents a visual demonstration of what needs to be worked on before you go to trial. On the other hand, it also gives your attorney valuable information about what type of defense will be forthcoming in the trial, since most all evidence and witnesses will be apparent at that time. Your attorney also has the opportunity to view the witness testimony for the defense, which helps immensely in trial preparation. It should be noted that all testimony given in a deposition is recorded, is given under oath and is entirely submissible in a court of law. What is the prize for taking part in the deposition? Money. Depending on how your deposition goes, the other side could be compelled to offer you a settlement, either during or after the deposition is complete. Taking a personal injury case to trial is expensive and time-consuming for everyone, so settling out of court is the preferred method for dealing with these types of cases. In fact, the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. Once the other side gets a good look at what they could be facing in a trial, a settlement offer could be forthcoming. To learn more about this important event, discuss your case with a personal injury...

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2 Things To Keep In Mind When Considering A Divorce From A Service Member

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Getting a divorce from a member of the armed forces can often be quite a bit more difficult and complicated than a traditional divorce, as a military divorce is much more complex due to the unique issues involved. For example, divorcing a service member can bring up such issues as pension and healthcare benefits. Listed below are two things to keep in when considering a military divorce. Will You Be Eligible For Health Care Benefits? One of the most important things to keep in mind when divorcing a member of the military is whether or not you are going to be eligible for health care benefits. This is a very important consideration, as going from being fully covered while you were married to having to get and pay for insurance on your own can often be a very unpleasant and expensive experience. In order to be eligible for health care benefits even after your divorce, you will need to have been married to your spouse for at least 20 years during his or her active duty service.  In that situation, you will be able to receive full coverage until you get remarried. The only way to avoid losing your coverage is to hold off on getting remarried until after your 55th birthday. In addition, it can often be a good idea to wait on filing for a divorce until after you have reached that 20-year eligibility milestone so that you can retain those medical benefits until you get remarried.  Where Should You File For A Divorce? Another important consideration is where you should actually file for a divorce and start the process. This is exceedingly important because the state where you file for a divorce may not be able to make any judgments when it comes to a military pension. If at all possible, you will want to file for a divorce in the service member’s state of residence. The reason for this is that the government will always allow the service member’s state of residence to handle the division of any pension. If this is not possible, consider filing from a state that can legally divide a military pension, even if the service member is not a resident of that state.  Contact a military divorce attorney like Karen Robins Carnegie PLC in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help you with a military divorce. Before filing for a divorce from a service member, it is very important to consider if you are eligible for ongoing health care benefits and from which state you will file for a divorce in order to ensure that you have the best chance to get everything that you are entitled...

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Considering A Wrongful Death Claim? Understand More About What Can And Can’t Be Accomplished

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The recent settlement of the lawsuit over the wrongful death of Sandra Bland brings partial closure to a case that’s captivated the attention of the nation. Bland supposedly hung herself in her jail cell several days after a routine traffic stop turned into a racial incident that outraged millions. This case also helps illustrate what can and can’t be accomplished through a wrongful death lawsuit—which is important to know if you are considering taking that action. A wrongful death lawsuit only addresses civil negligence, not criminal responsibility. Wrongful death lawsuits are considered a type of personal injury claim, which is a civil matter, not criminal. This confuses many people because they don’t understand how someone can be found guilty of the wrongful death of another human being and still escape punishment in criminal court. For example, while the officer who pulled Sandra Bland from her car was eventually indicted for perjury after a grand jury decided that he lied about his action, nobody was ever charged in connection with her actual death. While the civil victory essentially acknowledges the fact that her death was the result of either negligence or an intentional act, no one will ever be legally held responsible for her death in a criminal court because of it. The different rules of court favor victory in a civil claim for wrongful death. A wrongful death claim is sometimes the only way to hold anyone responsible for another person’s death, simply because the rules in civil court favor the plaintiff more than the defendant. In criminal court, the defendant is given more protection under the law because his or her freedom is at stake. A civil victory only affects his or her finances. In practical terms this means that civil courts are often allowed to introduce evidence that would be kept out of a criminal trial because it would be prejudicial. For example, the historical racism of police in Waller County, where Bland was arrested, might be able to be entered into evidence in the wrongful death claim to show that traffic stops are often used as a pretext for pulling over people of color. In addition, defendants in criminal trials are afforded a presumption of innocence that is much higher than that given to defendants in civil trials. Criminal defendants have to be found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt,” while civil defendants are guilty if the mere “preponderance of evidence” indicates they are at fault for the death. That means that if there is even a 51% chance that the defendant caused your loved one’s death, they can be found guilty in civil court. Wrongful death claims can often ask for compensation other than money. One of the opportunities that you often gain during a wrongful death lawsuit is the chance to ask for changes that could prevent someone else from losing a loved one. For example, Sandra Bland’s family settled for $1.9 million in damages—but they also gained another victory: the jail will now have to have a medical professional on duty at all times and install electronic sensors that will help ensure guards actually check on the prisoners in a timely fashion. The defendants also agreed to help push for legislation that will change how jail personnel are trained when it comes to caring...

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Concerned About The Custody Of Your Child? Use This Pre-Divorce Checklist For Dads

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The idea of losing custody or having to pay child support for either parent can be a huge factor in reactions, actions, and even how the whole divorce process plays out when a marriage is coming to an end. As a dad who is concerned about your significant other taking full custody of your child, there is no doubt you will want to do all you can to ensure you have just as many rights to your child as your spouse. Here is a basic checklist to follow before the divorce is filed that can help keep you and the child’s other parent on a level playing field through the divorce where custody is concerned.  Make sure you have significant proof that you have played an active role in the child’s life.  One of the most common reasons a mother will try to claim she has more rights to the child than the father is if she has been the primary caregiver or if she feels she has been the more involved parent overall. While the judge will take both parents’ statements into consideration, it will help if you have proof that you have remained fully involved as a dad. A few examples of proof of your involvement would be: pictures of you with your child during everything from special events to time spent around the house signed statements from friends and family members who have witnessed your involvement as a father receipts proving your purchases of things the child needs, such as clothing and school supplies Get to know your child’s healthcare needs. If you have always allowed your spouse to handle things like dental checkups and doctor’s visits, before the divorce is the best time to start being more involved. Take the initiative to schedule appointments and be the parent who takes the child to visits, learn more about things like allergies your child has or special health needs, and make sure your child’s healthcare providers know who you are.  Become involved in your child’s education.  Going to PTA meetings, attending school sporting events and afterschool activities, and even helping with your child’s homework are all ways that you can be more involved with your child’s education. Through the divorce, your knowledge of your child’s education and obvious involvement will prove to the judge that you are competent where school matters are concerned, and this goes a long way in proving you are a capable parent.  For additional advice, contact a divorce lawyer who specializes in fathers’...

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